Construction Services

Ironstone Contracting, LLC. takes the time to do it right the first time.

We offer a full range of agriculture and commercial construction services. The final quality of a new commercial building or poultry barn depends on an eye for detail. You can trust us with your next project however large or small it may be.

Poultry Barns

For the person looking to build a new poultry confinement operation, we can work with you to get an accurate estimate for the buildings and the equipment that your integrator requires. Also we do the trenching, and install underground utilities such as electric, communications, and water. We will assist your local propane or natural gas supplier in getting their utilities into a trench and to the barns correctly placed.

Pole Buildings and Horse Barns

For the farmer that is needing a building for storage, animal shelter, hay or crop storage, or any other farm building, we can build it to meet that need and do so with a touch of quality that will please you. From 20 x 30 all the way to 80 x 200, we can build your steel, wood or combination of both, frame building in a way that will show you the quality. There are a lot of buildings built that do not have the design features to stand up to snow loads, or wind or ice stress. It is not wise to compare price based on size. There are many variables, and snow load ratings, class of building, type of wood, or steel used in trusses and walls, and other things must be included, before you can be assured that you are actually getting the building you asked for. We will take the time to help you understand those things.

We provide the following services:

- Site work, Tree removal, consult with Power Company about utility poles,

  Gas Company, etc.)
- Dirt work / Excavating
- Trenching for sewer, underground utilities, etc…
- Stone hauling and compaction for pad site
- Concrete work for flat work and walls
- Building your building according to your needs
- Electrical work for the interior and exterior as requested
- Plumbing such as bathrooms, sewer tie in, water supply tie in for animals, etc.
- HVAC or climate control with evaporative cooling systems
- Interior finishing of the building
- Gutter or rainwater management     


Wood And Steel Hybrid