Farm Equipment Products

A project manager will meet with you and visit your operation and assess what your needs are. Based on a new project or replacing and servicing your current equipment, we can supply you with an estimate of the products it will take. We are able to show you the numbers on evaporative cooling systems, winds speeds, minimum and maximum lumens of light required for any operation. Also we can do a amperage draw test on your barn and help your analyze whether there is an unnecessarily high use of electric and where you can save money by using more efficient equipment.


Poultry Waterers, Heaters, Lights and Fans

We have installed almost all major brands of equipment, and can help educate you about the good points and not so good points of various types of equipment for ease of use, maintenance and cost factors. We are pleased to be able to offer you the following selection of high quality products.


This is only a small sampling of what we supply! Check back soon to see more great products listed here. Thanks!


Poultry Equipment for Feed, water, Feed Storage, and Climate Control

Cumberland Poultry

Water Lines

Lubing - USA

Feed Storage

GSI Ag Group

Climate control



Diversified Imports - PDF Document

Hog Equipment

Automated Production - Swine Feeders



Poultry Feeders


Poultry Feeders